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Character Name: Major Motoko Kusanagi, mostly known as "The Major"
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Canon: Ghost in the Shell anime 1st season
Canon Point: At the end of the season, after the close of the Laughing Man case (approx 2031)
Canon Building: Section 9 Headquarters; this is where the Major spends the majority of her time, despite having a home and a safe-house. The building itself appears to be the high-rise offices of a domestic security company and features a parking garage, a roof-top helipad, a testing facility for the spider-like Tachikoma think-tanks, several floors of data processing suites and Aramaki's plush office, and holding cells. It is also hinted that there are suites for the squads to stay in over-night if necessary.

History: Major Kusanagi is a decorated military officer who fought in World War IV, having undergone cybernisation at a young age after a plane crash. Like many who have had the same procedure, it took her a long time to be able to fully control her body, but her levels of manoeuvrability go far beyond that of non-cybernised humans and the vast majority of other users of prosthetic bodies.

She is squad leader in Section 9, a speciality security force with Japan's National Public Safety Commission dealing with cyber- and e-terrorism as well as extreme situations too delicate for the police and military to deal with. Exactly how long she has been a member of the organisation is unclear, but it has most certainly been a number of years. By all accounts she is deeply trusted by their director, Aramaki and her colleagues, most notably her second-in-command, Batou. She's under-taken a great many missions both on her own and as part of a team, and she has also represented Section 9 off the field, accompanying Aramaki to official meetings and functions. It's clear most of the time she's under estimated by those outside of Section 9, considered nothing more than a good-looking secretary, but the Major uses this to her advantage.

At the end of the first series (1st GiG) she is on the run after a group of dirty politicians decide they can not allow the team to reveal the results of their investigations. They team are rounded up, violently, and the implication seems to be that they are going to be murdered. The Major and Batou are the last left, and in order to avoid the inevitable, she switches from her usual body to a spare, keeping herself in hiding until the situation allows her to re-gather her unharmed colleagues and re-establish Section 9.

Personality: Throughout the anime, the Major is shown to be a strong and decisive leader, more than competent in a variety of challenging situations including a hostage-taking and political espionage. She shows no fear in going into situations as bait, and often seems to prefer to put herself in danger rather than her team.

That isn't to say she doesn't have faith in them. Batou, her second in command, often appears to be her closest friend and confidant, aware of more of her secrets than the rest of the team, he even knows about her boyfriends and safe-houses, information that the Major clearly prefers not to discuss. She plays many things close to her chest, focusing on her work and abilities rather than her past and herself. She will work on cases even after hours, and clearly takes risks in going to see suspects or investigate matters by herself.

She takes part in internet debates on philosophy and the nature of life and the self, often musing whether she is real or not; if she has lost her "ghost" or soul, or if she even had one in the first place- is she just a robot with false memories meant to make her feel like a human? Despite being unsure of her own nature, for the majority of the anime she has a very black-and-white view of life vs. the synthetic; for instance she sees the Tachikoma developing individuality and personalities, which she believes makes them unsuitable for use as weapons, their primary function. She has them decommissioned and once their weaponry is removed, they are sold to civilians to be used in hospitals and on building sites. They prove her wrong however, and in the end it is their individuality and ability to reason and feel that leads them to sacrifice themselves in order to save Batou. She muses that maybe it's possible for the synthetic to develop a "ghost".

In her lighter moments though she clearly enjoys scuba-diving, a rather odd hobby considering the weight of her prosthetic body. She rarely dates, and when she does it isn't for long, and her sexuality is best described as open. It's hinted at that her and Batou harbour romantic feelings for each other, but this never goes anywhere and it appears mostly one-sided as the Major does not initiate any of these occasions.

As her body is a synthetic one, the way she looks clearly is not something she gives much thought to, although her usual clothing is certainly provocative to most. Her team however shrug this off for the most part, and it is rarely discussed.

Powers/Abilities: The Major is fully cybernetic, and her "body" is a combat specification model. She can withstand very high impacts, including the crushing weight of weaponized suits, bullets and standard biological warfare. She has been trained to the highest standards, and has trained alongside the British SAS and American Special Forces. She favours a M-23 sub-machine gun (similar to a P-90) and is a proficient kick-boxer. While she is stronger, faster and more resilient than a non-cybernetic human, she is not invulnerable, and at various times she has to have part, or all of her prosthetics replaced. She is extremely vulnerable at these times as her body must be disabled for this to take place.

And of course, unlike non-cybernetic humans, she can not 'heal' herself and relies completely on the availability of the spare parts for her prosthetics.

She can also wire herself into computers thanks to the connecting points on the nape of her neck. However, connecting this way is dangerous and leaves her open to hacking, which could result in her loosing memories, control of her body, some or all of her senses or being completely hi-jacked and used as a puppet.

Memories from Mandalas:
Although only there a short time in comparison with some of the other "Honoured Guests" the Major, once she returns, will remember everything she went through during her stay. The street-battles when The Serpent's Army tried to over-run the city, forming alliances with Captain Kirk and the apparently spontaneous park concerts by the Robots brothers. Forgetting Mandalus for so long, and coming back again, remembering everything suddenly was a horrible experience, but far worse is knowing that the problems Mandalus face became so much worse in her absence.


First Person Sample:
[The Major had not been idle. As soon as she was able she was up and about, going as much reconnaissance as she was able to. She was no longer in Japan, that much was immediately clear. It was not any city she recognised, nor was she able to connect to any of her usual networks. Each and every attempt left a loud buzz of static in her ear and the beep-beep-beep of the "no network coverage" error.

With no network she was going to have to get a message out some other way. She had no choice in the matter. They had given her a phone- the primitive sort that had no way of connecting directly with her cyber-brain and only had the battery life of a day or so. She could hack it, given the time, but for the moment perhaps she was going to have to do it the old-fashioned way. None of their encryption codes could work, so the audio message is completely unprotected. She doesn't like it.]

Batou, Togusa, Borma, Saito. Status report.

[She expected a response. No. She hoped for a response, but under these conditions she knew one was unlikely. She was alone, without a team. Without orders. Without purpose. In that case... it was time to go about her information gathering in a different way entirely.

This post is more relaxed, and she even smiles slightly as she makes it, slipping off her jacket as she records not just her voice, but a short video too.]

So what's the best place for a drink here?

Third Person Sample:
The vibration of the wall disrupted her thoughts until the roar of the explosion faded and once more she could hear the gun-shot and screams in the wreck of Avasaṭa Station. There was debris everywhere, glass and steel and paper fragments all over the floor, splatters of blood here and there. Some of it wasn't blood, but the oil and lubricants from her own damaged form. Her left-arm from the elbow down was useless, but that was her own fault. She should have known that she was exerting too much force, that the joint was weak still and the repair wasn't strong enough, but it had to be done. They'd had to break into the station somehow, and breaking through those hatches had been the only way.

She took a breath, head tipping backwards. Think, think. They had to fight their way out. The Serpent's Army or whatever it was they called themselves, they weren't unbeatable. They'd just holed themselves up in a damn good position. She knew that. And she knew that no matter how good a position, there were ways and means. It was a matter of working out what that was before too many of them got blown apart in the bottle-neck.

Think, think.

She re-loaded, trying to listen for who was around her, the voices she could pick out. This would have been far easier with cyber brains. But there was no use wishing that, not when it couldn't, wouldn't happen and it wouldn't help anyway. Radio silence best maintained, even in the middle of a fire-fight.

There was the crunch of boots on the floor, hastily foot-falls nearing in on her and she shifted, ready to jump and roll out of the way if it came to it, sliding back up the wall. She needn’t have worried about who was approaching- the earnest, human face was one she knew, even covered in grime.

“There’s seven of us left. Sent some back down the tunnel but...”

She nodded. There wasn’t much more needed to be said. There was no medical supplies back that way, but it was out of danger and out of sight, and sometimes that was what you needed.

“We need to regroup. I think I have an idea. How good at you at computer hacking?”


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